Designing Order Forms

Here’s a great piece by legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace on order forms.

Are Your Order Forms Killing Your Sales?

By Clayton Makepeace

In this issue:

  • Response Device 101: The Four Types of Order Forms and When to Use Each One …
  • 12 Qualities Great Order Forms Have in Common …
  • The #1 Blunder Marketers Make With Their Response Devices …
  • And MORE! Read More

London Copywriter’s Experience Of Copywriting In London UK

As a London based Copywriter, I’ve worked with finance companies including investment banks like Merrill Lynch and large B2C organizations such as Xerox and Vodafone.

Not all in ‘copywriting’ positions per se, but involved with the development of presentations materials, staff training materials, and more.

As a sales and promotion copywriter I have really found a focus for my passions of influential writing, psychology, and business development.

But what more for me really is there in London?

Perhaps I should once again take flight and travel some of the world, working from my laptop with clients on retainer or for individual items of work.

I found whilst travelling south east asia in 2005 that the life experiences I had there helped me raise the bar on the quality of my copywriting.

More flexible. More in touch with human concerns and distractions. More stories from which to pluck metaphors, anecdotes and examples for my ad promotions.

Working in London as a London based freelance copywriter is not easy, especially when most large companies opt for large advertising agencies that focus on pretty pictures and clever slogan headlines.

But I base my approach on the likes of Drayton Bird, who worked with David Ogilvy. Drayton now does some work with the excellent campaigns with Virgin, and writes long copy direct mail for financial services and.. well.. much much more.

That’s what I love. The direct mail, or long copy web pages that really dig at the heart of the target prospects soft spots, fears and frustrations, dreams and aspirations, and compel them to act on the promotions offer that will help them relieve their pains and achieve their desired gains.

Copywriting in London has taught me a lot. And I am excited to see where the future takes me.

Writing style for email marketing

At the 2007 AWAI Copywriters Bootcamp, Herschel Gordon Lewis shares an outrageous example of email copywriting gone berserk.

Herschel is trying to make the point that copy should be kept simple to read and easy to understand.

Video reveals how copywriting legend Ted Nicholas made $6billion in sales

If you work in sales, marketing or advertising, you have to check out this video.

On the eve of his retirement, copywriting legend Ted Nicholas looks right at the camera and tells you how he did it – and how you can follow in his footsteps.


  • How to use the “Best Kept Secret in Entrepreneurship” for instant cash infusions ( min 4:21).

    The 4 functions of business, and which one needs the most attention after your cash-flow troubles are behind you – focus on the wrong one and you may as well be a hamster on a wheel (min 6:12)

  • And much more.

Click here to obtain your FREE video download

Financial Copywriter

If you’re looking for a long-copy direct response copywriter, who works tirelessly to outperform existing controls, here’s why we should talk:

I launched the marketing function for one of the UK’s popular personal finance websites where I promoted equity investing and derivatives trading. That was back in 2007-08.

I’m also an experienced personal investor, with the emotional insight at first hand experience of making lots on the markets, and… well, yes ok… losing lots too.

I know how to understand the investors market — because I am an investor.

I know how to research and write poignant copy — because I’ve been doing that for years.

And depending on your project I can probably create winning copy for you too.

Get in touch and let’s discuss what you need to see if I suit.

PS. To be transparent, my investment interest is accumulating real assets (precious metals) while taking advantage of equity and derivative movements — as the Dollar races to zero and precious metals shoot to the moon. Copy projects aligned with that perspective are more likely to get my interest and involvement.

Website Copywriter

Since 1998 I have written website copy both for myself and clients.

To feel the giant squid tentacles of the multichannel world-wide-web expand over 15 years has given me the insight for crafting web copy that resonates appropriately and powerfully with many target audiences.

Without further ado, grab a copy of my white paper on this page and discover what most marketing managers or directors only wish they knew about how to choose a website copywriter that will deliver genuinely valuable copy that can be used over and over again.

Find the big red box on the right hand side and request your free copy of the paper now.


Direct Mail Copywriter

As former Head of Marketing for a marketing agency / email service provider in London UK, I saw a lot of customer data insight analysis and management, split cell testing and results analysis of campaigns.

Some of the clients were big brands, names that high street shoppers would recognize.

Direct response long copy is my number one business passion and I am now freelance and focus on developing customer insight and turning it into winning copy.

Explore the copywriter services page, request my white paper on the copywriter selection process on the right of this page, or contact me here.

Copywriter London | Tales of a London Copywriter

Copywriting in London is at a cross roads…

On the one side we have a rich and mature history of marketing and advertising.

David Ogilvy himself, although not British (A Scottsman advertising legend and direct response copywriter — founder of Ogilvy and Mathers) provides a strong voice of reason to UK copywriters, even to this day.

Yet London advertising is still awash with ATL brand awareness short copy with cutesy pictures and zero performance metrics. General advertising and direct response has a great divide, said Ogilvy.

As a London copywriter, I uphold the ethos of pure direct response. I’m a direct response long copy copywriter. I write to sell. Not to entertain. I write to persuade right now. Not in some ephemeral general ‘brand building’ way…

But with the advent of real-time performance analytics, all online marketing is falling under the umbrella of direct response marketing and advertising. Because each promotion is becoming trackable dollar to dollar (or pound to pound).

Copywriting in London requires the research skill, writing flexibility, and salesmanship, of the great legends of direct response copywriting that the UK and London has sorely lacked.

[widget id=”ad-continue-marketing”]Ad: continue-marketing[/widget]There is great opportunity for the London Copywriter’s that can demonstrate the performance of their work.

The Art of Writing Advertising | Bernback, Gribbin, Reeves, Ogilvy, Burnett

Notes from the book The Art of Writing Advertising

William Bernback

I wouldn’t go for too routinized men in my copy department.

Original and fresh.

We don’t permit any client to give us ground rules. We firmly believe that he can’t know as much about advertising. Because we live and breathe that all day long.

I do a great deal of reading in philosophy, grist for the copy mill.

Know his product inside out before he starts working. Must stem from knowledge of the product.

Must be disciplined.

You have to find out what their talent is and nurture that, because that’s a natural thing. instead of trying to make everybody do exactly the same things and winding up boring everybody.

Difference between rules and disciplines.

Most important element in success in ad writing is the product itself.

Leo Burnett

Do you think it’s more difficult to write copy for one product over another? No, I don’t think it makes very much difference. I think if you find the right appeal in a product – one that you can focus on – you can develop it on any product.

Knowledge and experience aren’t nearly as important as his expressiveness, his ability to think and to marshal his thoughts into persuasive English.

My technique, if I have one, is to saturate myself with knowledge of the product. I believe in good depth-interviewing where I come realistically face to face with the people I am trying to sell. I try to get a picture in min mind of who uses the product and how… what it is that actually motivates them to buy something or to interest them in something.

George Gribbin

Developed an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them. I think that that develops more sharply when the writer has not had an easy adjustment to living.

Just putting a bar of soap as the picture in an ad, let’s say,will not make very many people want to look at that ad. You’ve got to think of some situation that creates a more interesting picture.

to know your prospect and know your product – and know both in considerable depth.

Anything that implies rejection of life is wrong for a writer, and cynicism is rejection of life. I would say participate, participate, participate.

David Ogilvy

I didn’t write my first ad until I was 39.

I don’t think the stuff I do read has much influence on what I write.

I don’t think I am a good writer, incidentally, but I do think that what I am is a the best damn editor in the world.

I always pretend I’m sitting beside a woman at a dinner party, and she asks me for advice about which product she should buy and where she should buy it.

I give her the facts, facts, facts. I don’t write to the crowd. I try to write from one human being to another human being in the second person, singular.

Rosser Reeves

Let’s say you have $1m tied up in your little company and suddenly your advertising isn’t working and sales are going down. And everything depends on it. Your future depends on it, your families future depends on it, other people’s families depend on it… Now, what do you want from me? Find writing? Or do you want to see the goddamned sales curve stop moving down and start moving up?

Quick Turnaround Copy

Are you up against a tight deadline?

If you are in need of good quality copy without it needing to beat any current controls and can provide background information asap on the product, the target audience, etc. then I may be able to immediately spend the time to give you some quality copy super quick.

Get in touch and I’ll get the job done pronto.

I know you’re rushed. Half a dozen active projects. Dozens more on-hold. Meetings to attend. Campaigns to launch. And where is that darn copy?!

It’s right here. I can conjure quality copy that reaches inside the emotional center of your prospects mind and captivates their imagination until they gleefully take the action that you want of them.

And I can do it fast. Providing you do not need comprehensive fully researched copy (I can do that too but it takes more time), and are looking for something smooth enough, sophisticated enough, exciting and light enough, I am most definitely your man. And I can be available at the drop of a hat if you have an urgent need for fast turnaround copy.

It generally works like this: We get on the phone together and I briefly interview you such questions as “what are we promoting and who to?” I’ll quickly review any samples of campaigns that you can send me, and then I will get to work… Within hours you will have copy in your inbox which we can review together briefly again by phone for any necessary adjustments, and then away you go – run with the copy to meet your pending deadline.

Once you see the impressive results from my quick-turnaround copy service, we can discuss a schedule so you never have to scramble for emergency copy again.

Contact me right now and let me know you need quick turnaround copy or take a few moments to review my white paper available from the right hand side of this page.

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