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Category Archives for "3. Design & Development"

5 Degrees of Consumer Sophistication

Gene Schwartz nailed 5 stages of market sophistication which helped my approach to strategic marketing to no end. And I’ve just brainstormed an equivalent for consumer sophistication that considers the consumer a little more directly. Which stage are your customers at? How do you appeal to them? Do you turn other customers off? What can […]

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Flawed shopping cart usability and poor customer experience from PC World Business

I just filled in the order cancellation form on PC World Business which on clicking submit loaded a page that did not confirm whether the form had submitted or not… Hence I’ll post this here and link to it on Twitter so hopefully I’ll get a confirmation my message and cancellation has been received… Contact […]

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Gamestorming for Brainstorming

Gamestorming is a set of best practices compiled from the world’s most innovative people and companies, condensed into a lightweight, low-tech toolkit that applies tools and rules to the problems of collaboration and teamwork. The approach is a mashup of game principles, game mechanics and work. It’s a set of methods for inventors, explorers, and […]

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Empathy Mapping exercise to understand your audience

Innovation Catalysts, Wendy Castleman and Suzanne Pellican, introduce the Empathy Map as a tool for unpacking observations to get empathy for customers you’ve done research with. Neat run down of a simple brainstorming exercise that will help you develop empathy about your audience. Use these intuitive questions to develop an empathy map, asking: What does […]

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