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Category Archives for "2. Research"

First hand research in the [weight loss] market (Atlanta Georgia, here comes a copywriter!)

In relation to a weight loss award for a new natural hunger suppressant (clinically proven to significantly reduce body fat over extended periods of time… without extra exercise or forced dieting)… I’ll be in-and-around Atlanta Georgia for the month of September conducting field research to build up an audience profile for the product, yet to […]

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Competitor Research

More to come, but… Can you determine your competitors strategy by reviewing their apparent sales strategy? You can see their market segmentation, product innovations, etc… just by looking. So look. <p>Recommended Resource: Use Mark Joyner’s <a href=”http://www.simpleology.com/p/competitiveintelligence/nathanshaw/gscom-page” target=”_blank”>Competitive Intelligence Cash Maps</a> for managing the process of competitor research.</p>

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Customer Research

A collection of notes on Customer Research: What do these three quotes have in common? “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself” – Peter Drucker “Copywriting is 80% research, only 20% writing the actual copy.” “If you wish to […]

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Market Research

I like to start my market research with online search volumes using Google’s keyword tool – which gives an overall general picture of basic keyword categories and how popular they are. A simple and fast initial market research. Google Adwords Keyword Tool Also use www.google.com/trends to see how various topics are trending (becoming more or […]

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2. Research

The scope and depth of research depends on resource constraints, time constraints, and the overall corporate/business/function’s purpose. Maximising corporate value creation divides into 2 dimensions: Market attractiveness (the potential opportunity that exists within a certain market) Competitive strength (the organizations competencies and assets available to capture those opportunities in the face of competition) Each of […]

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