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Key To Maximum Influence Through Content Marketing and/or Coaching

‘Emotive Compulsion’ Your customers inner-drive to make a change, to try something new… built on a bed of motivations including background beliefs, future desires, and current frustration. THESE are the reasons why customers buy new products… or coaching clients try new approaches to life. In marketing just as in coaching: We know the basis of choice is a balancing […]

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6-Part Kickstarter Marketing Strategy (100% Fail-Proof)

Here’s the 6-part fail-proof strategic outline for kickstarter marketing. If you are in the market for kickstarter campaign management or marketing services, let me know as I’m fully immersed in the details. These notes are drawn from best-practice as taught in various courses that I’ve taken along with my own 15-years experience in web marketing. 1. […]

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What Is Marketing Funnel Automation? – and how can I conquer it?!

In its simplest form, Marketing Automation is when a visitor requests information and receives it automatically by email. Today, visitors request can lead into behavior-triggered email follow-up and off-site ad re-targeting that delivers specific content based on the visitors exact behavior (i.e. which pages he visited revealing both his interests and stage of the buying process). Example […]

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Why Client Experience Management trumps Customer Experience Management for maximum profitability

I used to work for a millionaire entrepreneur who gave me access to Jay Abraham’s multi-volume Marketing Encyclopedia… it gave me a Jedi intuition for good marketing strategy which I still have never had the opportunity to fully put to work… Jay Abraham charges $40,000 per day for one-to-one business coaching and has no shortage […]

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Gavriel Shaw, Judge at 2013 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) – Social Media Category

As a judge of the 2013 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) social media category, I’ve seen behind the curtains of organisations large and small who thought themselves worthy to enter. Some household big brands, some smaller or niche brands… all putting in great effort to manage both new customer marketing and existing […]

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