Based on your Preparation and Research you move into Development.

The Marketing Matrix recognises these broad areas for Development. Click on any of the main headings to visit each main page.

Summary of Development

Development varies greatly depending on the purpose of your project, the size of your available resource (Developers, Budget, Time, etc.), and the focus of your Strategic Business Unit.

By considering the above aspects of Development you will find a good balance for necessary Development in the success of your marketing project.

From Development we will consider Conversions.


The Prime Directive of Business Development

Business growth through profitable servicing the needs of a market.

There are 6 practical areas of business development from a marketing orientation:

  1. Preparation – Including team selection, customer orientation focus
  2. Research – Market, customer, product, company competencies, etc.
  3. Development – Web presence, product development contribution, team development, etc.
  4. Conversion – Promotion, advertising, landing pages, sales videos, events, etc.
  5. Traffic – SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing
  6. Tracking – Web analytics, ROI analysis, etc.

These 6 areas of practical marketing project management are unlocked by the trialectic of management:

  1. Outcome – Being crystal clear on what results are possible and are required for high marketing performance.
  2. Constraints – Understanding and controlling the bottlenecks that exist both within the marketing team environment as well as the external market environment.
  3. Performance – Managing daily productivity and overall ROI of marketing projects.

The 7 Meetings Protocol provides a very fast acting and supra-effective approach to marketing project management – without superfluous shelfware (software investments that are shelved on your staff’s hard drive collecting digital dust), and scaleable to whatever size marketing function you operate.

Pick up a copy of the Invisible Team Management white paper and apply it to your marketing project management.

Other Tools for Development

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