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with Cyclic Media Inc.

Grow your DeFi / blockchain brand with the Cyclic Framework — managed by our crypto-savvy team of marketers, copywriters, community developers, and designers. 

Strategic Growth For DeFi, Blockchain, Crypto...

Begin with...

Cycle 1 — Experience Design

  • Insight — market, product, customer. 
  • Alignment — business model, value proposition.

Progress to...

Cycle 2 — Market Traction

  • Community — What really makes them tick? Pains, Gains, and their Willingness To Engage... 
  • Product — Journey Mapping, Roadmap, Milestones, Risk Mitigation
  • Launch — Key Messaging, Go-To-Market Plan, Budget Controls

Arrive at...

Cycle 3 — Growth Innovation

  • Deep customer engagement, product analytics,
  • Scale — rapid iteration of customer experience throughout the entire customer journey and product lifecycle. 

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Over the years we've had the privilege of working with a wide mix of brands in different capacities at various stages of their development. We learn and adapt from every client engagement.  

Digital and Crypto Markets

Traditional and B2B Markets

Our awesome management team:

Our team takes pride in the work we provide. We do not do ‘rush jobs’. We partner with clients who prefer quality over quantity — tied to your performance KPIs.

STRATEGy director

Gavriel has product and marketing expertise from a variety of roles, including CMO, Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, eCommerce Director, Web Marketing Director, Product Marketing Manager, and Senior Copywriter in various sectors, both B2C and B2B.

JOshua seymour
partnership DIRECTOR

Joshua works with companies to evolve value propositions and business models, develop front-end and back-end systems, as well as measure their progress, so they can develop even greater confidence, create more compelling values, place small bets that win big, boost alignment and results, plus reduce risk and uncertainty.

creative DIRECTOR

Expertise in brand design; dedicated to developing powerful brands that are well positioned for current market trends. 


Sterlin is a business mentor and keynote speakers in the digital assets and financial technology industries having held positions of Head of Marketing, Communications & Compliance Officer, and Brand Ambassador.

advertising director

eCommerce, SEM and PPC expertise managing dozens of high profit client accounts across industries. 

Case Studies

Crypto Marketing

How to scale through uncertain times in FinTech.

Impact Marketing

Demand generation and thought leadership

Your Pirate At Arms

From 'Growth Hacking' to 'Pirate Metrics' — popularised buzz-words among entrepreneurs seeking rapid growth with 'lean startup' methods. 

Gavriel has one of the most diverse marketing experiences available from an agency director, having started digital marketing in the late 90's — before Google or Facebook existed.

With extensive experience across the full customer lifecycle, from Acquisition to Activation, Retention to Revenue, and Referral — Gavriel is Cyclic Media Inc's 'chief pirate at arms', leading the team through the choppy shark infested seas seeking blue ocean opportunity for our clients... 


Anna White

Site Owner

Conversions Doubled!

I used your [_____] sales page as a template to re-do mine and my conversions doubled!

Kelly Erez


Compelled to read on

"As a certified Life-Coach, with a degree in Marketing and Advertising... [project] stood out for me - Gavriel's tone and use of language makes each sentence a pleasure to read...I'm compelled to read on, clicking on every page, and wanting to find out more!"

Than Kine

Video Consultant Lead, Google, EMEA

I'd say what Gavriel doesn't know about online marketing/SEO/SEM isn't worth knowing. A true knowledgeable & enthusiastic professional!

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Cyclic Media, Inc. provides a full-stack marketing service from new product R&D through to tactical campaign execution for established brands. 

What locations do you do business in?

We are a distributed team located in the US, UK, Mexico, Israel, and else where. We work with global brands and can operate campaigns across the world.  

How do you charge?

We provide different size plans according to the Growth Velocity that each client wants to commit to — from short-term project deliverables, to ongoing campaign management. 

What industries do you work in?

We have personal interests in the areas of natural health, FinTech, digital assets and identity, Sea Steading, leisure and tourism, and much more. Let us know your niche and we'll share if we have relevant experience.  

Our time: 10:45am UTC